About Us

Khuda Baksh Creations was founded in 1992 by Mr. Malik Zulfiqar Awan, whose main ambition was to break the barriers of the Pakistan fashion industry by making fashion affordable for everyone while maintaining its premium quality. We strategize to create a fusion of traditional and trendy clothing which is individually crafted with an intricacy of details that is unmatched.

The overarching theme of the collection caters fashionistas of all ages. Therefore, we diligently conduct in-depth research and analysis of the ever-changing fashion trendy only to make a versatile variety of masterpieces available to the masses.  Khuda Baksh mainly focuses on its labor intensive segment of hand embroidery which is often connected to history and brings nostalgic interest to the past textile production .Every type of needlework reflects extraordinary creativity and complexity. Our brand goal is to maintain this heritage of hand-craftsmanship and to link with the origins of this art by adding modern spark.